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Finding new and innovative ways to display company videos, share information and resources on how your products and services perform with client testimonials, can be a challenge at times. Although YouTube, Vimeo and Daily Motion amongst others, provide an excellent services, we have to admit, it may be an oversaturated market. So oversaturated in may sway consumer attention by overburdening them with information. This system works against you as a business owner when your goal is to have them focus on your content and not others.

Welcome to Batal Productions. We are a small Production Company located in the Las Vegas metro area, with a focus on the performing arts, new media, film, television, radio & video. Our goal is to connect the average everyday consumer with business and owners in their local community subscription to our production magazine, The Blac & Bleu Book. People are visual creatures. Using video not only appeal to our visual nature, but also contribute to the passive learning aspect of human behavior. Great company videos are designed to share information and resources on how their products and services work..........